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Golden Ball on the Church of St Lawrence in West Wycombe
Church Lane West Wycombe
Entrance to the Church Room Clock, West Wycombe
West Wycombe House
West Wycombe School
Chorley Road, West Wycombe
High Street, West Wycombe. Looking West
High Street, West Wycombe, Opposite entrance to St Paul's Church, West Wycombe
Hellfire Caves Entrance, West Wycombe
High Street, West Wycombe. Looking East
High Street, West Wycmobe, Looking West
The Dashwood Mauseleum on the hill overlooking West Wycombe
Golden Ball on the Church of St Lawrence in West Wycombe
Church Lane West Wycombe
Entrance to the Church Room Clock, West Wycombe
West Wycombe House
West Wycombe School
Chorley Road, West Wycombe
High Street, West Wycombe. Looking West
High Street, West Wycombe, Opposite entrance to St Paul's Church, West Wycombe
Hellfire Caves Entrance, West Wycombe
High Street, West Wycombe. Looking East
High Street, West Wycmobe, Looking West
The Dashwood Mauseleum on the hill overlooking West Wycombe

Welcome to the website of the
West Wycombe Parish Council


West Wycombe is a small village situated on the A40 three miles west of High Wycombe in the Chiltern Hills of Buckinghamshire and is the central point of the Civil Parish of West Wycombe. The Parish extends from Chapel Lane in the East to the boundary of Bradenham Parish on the A4010 and the boundary of Piddington Parish on the A40. It has a population of approxiately 1,300 adults plus children.

The Parish is a mix of urban and rural residential properties, working farms and local businesses. As you travel from High Wycombe to West Wycombe the Golden Ball of the church of St Lawrence and the Dashwood Mausoleum are visually impressive landmarks overlooking the parish and visually dominating the village and local landscape for miles.

Once you reach the Pedestal Roundabout on the A40 you can travel along the A4010 through the Chilterns towards Aylesbury or continue on the A40 through the village of West Wycombe and the fields owned by West Wycombe Estate towards either Stokenchurch and the M40 or the Chiltern village of Bledlow Ridge.

The historic village is largely owned by the National Trust and receives a large influx of tourists - being the site of West Wycombe Park, West Wycombe Caves, St Lawrence Church and the Mausoleum on top of West Wycombe Hill.

Although it is on the busy A40, the village centre retains much of its historical charm because it is mainly owned by the National Trust, and so has resisted modernisation.

West Wycombe Park, Hellfire Caves, Mausoleum and St Lawrence Church were all constructed in the mid-18th century by Sir Francis Dashwood, founder of the Dilettanti Society and co-founder of the notorious Hellfire Club.

The High Street has a number of 'old-fashioned' shops (in appearance at least), as well as three pubs, some small offices, a well-used Village Hall and St Paul's Church.

Just off the High Street is the village Combined School (ages 4–11).


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Guidance on using the Outdoor Gym Equipment


Buckinghamshire Council

Notice of Polling Districts and Polling Places Review

Notice is hereby given that in accordance with Section 18C of the Representation of the People Act 1983 Buckinghamshire Council (the Council) is to carry out a review of its polling districts and polling places. Relevant information and mapping regarding the current arrangements and proposals for changes can be found on the Council’s website
or can be inspected at The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP19 8FF.

High Street Footway Incursion Feasibility Study

West Wycombe Parish Council High Street Feasibility Study


West Wycombe Parish Council has been seeking to address the issue of footway incursion by motor vehicles on the southern side of West Wycombe High Street. Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) have suggested three measures which they believe will address this issue, one of which is the implementation of a short stretch of double yellow lines on the north side of the High Street.

TfB have recommended a one-month trial parking suspension in the area identified, in order to monitor its effectiveness. The Parish Council has agreed to proceed with this; the stretch of road where parking will be suspended be reduced by approximately half for the latter two weeks of the trial.

Video data will be captured throughout the trial period, to enable TfB to assess the likely effectiveness of a permanent suspension of parking. TfB will present their findings to the Parish Council, who will then make a decision on how to proceed

The Parish Council recognises that residents and local businesses will not welcome any reduction in parking capacity; however, the issue we are trying to address is the safety of pedestrians.


West Wycombe High Street Pavement Incursion Report

The Parish Council was asked by local residents to look at ways of improving pedestrian safety as impatient drivers were often seen to mount and drive along the pavement . With a start delay caused by lockdown, the Parish Council instructed Transport for Bucks to carry out a feasibility study for which we would conrtibute 50% of the total cost of £6,000. Several onsite meetings with TfB officers and technicians were held prior to this taking place; this was to ensure they witnessed the issue for themselves but also understood the constraints. In early 2022 a trial was undertaken in order to produce suggestions, recommendations and a report for consideration.

We have now received the final report of that feasibility study and this can now be read below. We are also attaching the first document produced after our initial meetings as this clearly explains some of the issues which had to be considered.

The Parish Council accepts the report and is minded to pursue options 2,3 and 4 and we now have to look at funding and the consultation process.

Our aim is to improve the road safety of all pedestrianswhich was the original request.

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West Wycombe has three defibrillators located at the Village Hall, the Pavilion in the Pedestal Playing Field and at the entrance to the Churchyard on West Wycombe Hill.

Fault Reporting


Please report pot holes, flooding, street lighting or path problems online or in an emergency call 01296 382416

Fly Tipping

Fly Tipping

Fly tipping polutes our landscape and is expensive to clear. Please report online or call 01296 480771


You can find all the latest planning applications in our Planning Section below which is updated every Monday.


Meetings, Agenda and Minutes 2024

Meetings start at 8pm

Members of the public are invited to attend and there is a session at the beginning of each meeting where questions can be asked and statements made. We look forward to seeing you.

Agendas and Minutes for previous meetings can be found in the Archive


11th January - Agenda - Minutes

8th February - Agenda - Minutes

14th March - Agenda - Minutes

11th April - Agenda -

9th May – Annual Parish Council Meeting

23rd May -– Annual Parish Meeting

13th June

11th July

8th August – if required

12th September

10th October

14th November

12th December




The allotments, located in Chorley Road, were developed at the request of residents in 2009.

The Parish Council was only able to provide these thanks to the generosity of Sir Edward Dashwood who leased the land to the Council for this purpose.

There are currently 25 full and half sized plots.

There is always a short waiting list so if you are interested in taking an allotment you should make contact with the Parish Clerk to have your name added to the list.

For details of fees and the Tenancy Agreement please visit the Governance Section above and photographs in the Gallery


Burial Ground

The Burial Ground is located in the centre of the village behind St Paul's Church.

The Burial Ground and the field beyond, were leased to the Parish Council by Sir Francis Dashwood for the purpose in 1987 and the terms of the lease state "Interments in this burial ground are only allowed for residents of the Civil Parish of West Wycombe, since its inception in 1987 and whose name is on the Civil Electoral Roll.

Current burial fees together with rules and regulations can be found in the Governance Section above and photographs in the Gallery

A full list of interments can be found on our Interments Page



The Parish Council have defibrilators installed in the porch of the Village Hall in the centre of the village, on the pavilion in the Pedestal Playing Field and at the top of the hill adjacent to St. Lawrence Church.


Grass Cutting

The Parish Council is responsible for cutting the grass in the Burial Ground, Allotments and Pedestal Playground. Currently, as part of their lease, Downley Dynamos are responsible for cutting the Pedestal Playing Field. There are other areas where the Parish Council is responsible and they are marked on the Grass Cutting Map produced by Buckinghamshire Council. All other areas of grass are the responsibility of Buckinghamshire Council


Pedestal Play Ground and Playing Field

Play In the 2008 Parish Plan questionnaire the residents of West Wycombe asked for a playground and the Parish Council put a three year plan in place.

Sir Edward Dashwood leased the Pedestal Playing Field to the Parish Council and money was raised through fete's and donations as well as a small increase in the Precept.

That three year plan was completed in 2012 and the children of West Wycombe now enjoy an entertaining and challeging play area

The West Wycombe Estate retains and is responsible for the Changing Rooms and the Parish Council has leased the open space to the Downley Dynamos on short term.

The facility has become so popular that it has been necessary to extend the small car park which, thanks to road works on the A40 and in liason with Buckinghamshire Council, has been covered with scalpings as have the allotment parking area.

Over the years a basketball/netball post was installed along with a table tennis table and in early 2023 a range of adult exercise equipment was added.

There are photographs of the playground in the Gallery


Outdoor Gym

The Outdoor Gym situated in the Pedestal Playing Field provides somewhere for local residents to enjoy the benefits to both physical and mental health of exercising in the open air, either individually or in the company of others; it is intended for use by adults of all ages and the range of equipment reflects this.

Anyone using the equipment must read the instructions first. Each piece of equipment is also labelled with instructions for use, and the manufacturers have created an app for mobile devices that includes user and workout guides, available via Google Play and the App Store.



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